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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2017The impact of rock heterogeneity on solute spreading and mixingKrevor, Samuel; Bijeljic, Branko; Boon, Maartje; Qatar Carbonates and Carbon Storage Research Centre
Oct-2017Computational and numerical aspects of full waveform seismic inversionWarner, Michael; Burgess, Timothy James; Downunder Geosolutions (Firm); FULLWAVE research consortium
May-2017Influence of basin physiography on coastal–shelf sedimentary processes: Integrating ocean modeling and sedimentary facies analysis in the Miocene–Pliocene, South China SeaAllison, Peter; Johnson, Howard; Piggott, Matthew; Collins, Daniel; Natural Environment Research Council (Great Britain)
Nov-2017The role of pre-existing structure in determining the geometry and evolution of rift systemsJackson, Christopher; Bell, Rebecca; Duffy, Oliver; Phillips, Thomas Brian
Jul-2017The mantle wedge: dynamic controls on geochemical and geophysical observationsGoes, Saskia; Prytulak, Julie; Davies, Rhodri; Perrin, Alexander
Apr-2017Model-based evaluation of the integration of solid oxide fuel cells and electrolysis cells for high purity oxygen productionBrandon, Nigel; Taher, Mohamed Asaad Asaad; Masdar Institute of Science and Technology
Jan-2017Self-potential during multiphase flow in complex porous mediaJackson, Matthew; Vinogradov, Jan; Zhang, Jiazuo
Aug-2017Small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering microscopy applied to mudrocksBlunt, Martin; Georgiadis, Apostolos; Leu, Leon Dominik; Shell
Apr-2017Development and implementation of inelastic material models for use in FEMDEM numerical methods with applicationsLatham, John-Paul; Izzuddin, Bassam; Xiang, Jiansheng; Karantzoulis, Nikolaos; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Jan-2017Tank design modifications for the improved performance of froth flotation equipmentCilliers, Jan; Brito-Parada, Pablo; Morrison, Angus James