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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2014Quantitative analysis and statistical mechanics of granular pack structuresBlumenfeld, Raphael; Jordan, Joseph Francis Patrick; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Jun-2014The influence of fold and salt-wall growth on deepwater sedimentary systems in an active salt mini-basin, offshore AngolaLonergan, Lidia; Doughty-Jones, Gemma; Natural Environment Research Council (Great Britain); British Petroleum Company
Dec-2014Modelling ice-ocean interactions in and around ice shelvesPiggott, Matthew; Jordan, James; Natural Environment Research Council (Great Britain)
Nov-2014Reservoir Condition Pore Scale Imaging of Multiphase Flow using X-Ray MicrotomographyBijeljic, Branko; Blunt, Martin; Andrew, Matthew; Imperial College London
May-2014Use of Two-Phase Pseudo-Pressure for Well Test Analysis of Gas Condensate And Volatile Oil Below Saturation PressureGringarten, A. C.; Ogunrewo, Olakunle; Imperial College London
Jun-2014From jungle to ice: the role of changes in weathering and ocean circulation patterns in the onset of Antarctic glaciationvan de Flierdt, Tina; Huck, Claire Eva
May-2014A numerical investigation of internal gravity wave phenomena with adaptive mesh techniquesPiggott, Matthew; Pain, Christopher; Allison, Peter; Martin, Benjamin; Natural Environment Research Council (Great Britain)
Apr-2014Failure of Anisotropic Shales under Triaxial Stress ConditionsZimmerman, Robert W.; Ambrose, Jasmin; Schlumberger
Sep-2014The application of smoothed particle hydrodynamics to the simulation of multiphase flows through packed bedsNeethling, Stephen; Barker, Daniel James; Rio Tinto (Group)
Sep-2014Stable isotope tracing of engineered nanoparticlesRehkamper, Mark; Laycock, Adam John