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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2016Numerical modelling of tsunami generated by deformable submarine slidesCollins, Gareth; Piggott, Matthew; Smith, Rebecca Claire
Jul-2016Pore-scale heterogeneity in the mineral distribution and reactive surface area of permeable rocksKrevor, Samuel; Lai, Peter; Imperial College London
Apr-2016Two-phase flow behaviour and relative permeability between CO2 and brine in sandstones at the pore and core scalesKrevor, Sam; Reynolds, Catriona Anne; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Jan-2016Understanding the nature of mantle upwelling beneath East AfricaHammond, James; Goes, Saskia; Civiero, Chiara; Janet Watson Fellowship
Aug-2016Facies architecture of the fluvial to tidal transition of mixed-influence deltasHampson, Gary J.; Johnson, Howard D.; van Cappelle, Marijn; Janet Watson PhD scholarship; Shell UK Oil (Firm)
Oct-2016Seismic characterisation of carbonate reservoirsWang, Yanghua; Liu, Yan
May-2016Depositional architecture and facies variability in anhydrite and polyhalite sequences: a multi-scale study of the Jurassic (Weald Basin, Brightling Mine) and Permian (Zechstein Basin, Boulby Mine) of the UKJohn, Cedric; Abbott, Sunshine; Imperial College London
Jul-2016Palaeoenvironmental control on multi-scale vertical and lateral heterogeneities within a Triassic - Jurassic carbonate ramp system (Musandam Peninsula)John, Cedric; Honig, Martin Robert; Qatar Petroleum; Shell; Qatar Science & Technology Park
Jul-2016A new habitability assessment and organic matter detection instrument for MarsSephton, Mark; Gordon, Peter; Science and Technology Facilities Council (Great Britain)
Feb-2016Multi-scale modelling of effluent dispersion in the marine environmentGorman, Gerard; Piggott, Matthew; Robinson, David Iain; HR Wallingford (Firm)