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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2013Solid oxide fuel cell microstructure and performance modelingBrandon, Nigel; Adjiman, Claire; Rhazaoui, Khalil; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Oct-2013Depositional architecture and processes of sediment gravity flows: a 3D seismic case study from offshore AngolaJackson, Christopher; Hampson, Gary; Olafiranye, Kehinde; Nigeria. Ministry of Petroleum Resources
Nov-2013Fluid-Rock Interactions in Carbonates: Applications to CO2 StorageBlunt, Martin; Boek, Edo; Bijeljic, Branko; Gharbi, Oussama; Qatar Carbonates and Carbon Storage Research Centre, et al
Jan-2013Upscaling in polymer flooded reservoirsKing, Peter; Pongthunya, Potcharaporn; The John S. Archer Endowment Fund ; Saudi Aramco
Jan-2013Multiscale Wavelet and Upscaling-Downscaling for Reservoir SimulationKing, Peter; Babaei, Masoud
Dec-2013The rise and fall of diapirs during regional extension and its influence on the deposition of a net-transgressive coastal-plain-to-shallow-marine succession: middle-to-upper Jurassic, Norwegian Central GrabenJackson, Christopher; Hampson, Gary; Mannie, Aruna; Commonwealth Commission; Centrica Energi
Dec-2013Geological characterisation of shallow marine-to-deltaic sandstone reservoir targets: Krossfjord and Fensfjord formations, Troll Field, Norwegian North SeaJackson, Christopher; Hampson, Gary; Holgate, Nicholas
Apr-2013Geological characterization of sand-prone subaqueous delta systems: a case study of the Upper Jurassic Sognefjord Formation (Troll Field, Northern North Sea, offshore Norway) and global examplesHampson, Gary; Jackson, Christopher; Patruno, Stefano; Imperial College London
Aug-2013Insights into the behaviour of the Pliocene East Antarctic ice sheet from provenance studies of marine sediments using radiogenic isotopoesvan De Flierdt, Tina; Cook, Carys Patricia; Imperial College London
2013The Development of a Nodal Method for the Analysis of PWR Cores with Advanced FuelsPain, Christopher; Eaton, Matthew; Hall, Sheldon; EDF Energy (Firm) ; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council