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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2015Analytical and numerical investigation of transient behaviour in hydraulically fractured tight gas reservoirsZimmerman, Robert; Cosgrove, John; Blunt, Martin; Gringarten, Alain; Dahroug, Ahmed
Aug-2015Modelling In-situ Upgrading (ISU) of heavy oil using dimensionless analysis and operator splitting methodMuggeridge, Ann; Jackson, Matthew; Maes, Julien; Total
Sep-2015The development of a performance assessment methodology for CO2 storage sites using dynamic pressure and surface deformation dataDurucan, Sevket; de la Torre Guzman, Jorge
Sep-2015Structural and stratigraphic expression of multiphase extension in rift basinsJackson, Christopher A-L.; Claringbould, Johan
Oct-2015Multiple approches in tomography of palaeobotanical specimensSutton, Mark D.; Spencer, Alan Richard Tozer
Sep-2015Tracing the cycling of Pb and Cd from natural and anthropogenic sources through the troposphere and oceanvan der Flierdt, Tina; Rehkamper, Mark; Bridgestock, Luke James
Sep-2015Three-dimensional anisotropic full-waveform inversionWarner, Mike; Debens, Henry Alexander; FULLWAVE research consortium
Oct-2015Finite element modeling of frictional contact and stress intensity factors in three-dimensional fractured media using unstructured tetrahedral meshesPaluszny, Adriana; Zimmerman, Robert W.; Nejati, Morteza; Rio Tinto PLC; Imperial College London
Aug-2015Combined facies analysis and quantitative characterisation of fluvial stratigraphic architecture at outcrop and in subsurface well dataHampson, Gary; Flood, Yvette; Imperial College London
Sep-2015Deciphering glacial-interglacial Southern Ocean dynamics with deep-sea coralsvan de Flierdt, Tina; Struve, Torben