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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2015Reservoir condition pore-scale imaging of reactionBlunt, Martin J; Menke, Hannah Paris; Imperial College London
Sep-2015Molybdenum and platinum isotope anomalies in iron meteorites – constraints on solar nebula heterogeneities and parent body processesRehkamper, Mark; Poole, Graeme; Science and Technology Facilities Council (Great Britain)
Feb-2015Assessing transition policies for the diffusion of electric vehiclesBrandon, Nigel; Offer, Gregory; Mazur, Christoph; Imperial College London; Climate-KIC (Firm)
Aug-2015Cosmochemistry of iron meteorites; trace element composition of metal and sulfide phasesGenge, Matthew; Rehkamper, Mark; Bland, Phil; Leclerc, Marlene
Jan-2015Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics studies of heap leaching hydrodynamics and thermal transportNeethling, Stephen; Parameswaran, Gopalkrishnan; Rio Tinto (Group)
Apr-2015An automated frequency tracking method for structural health monitoring using vibration dataCarter, Jonathan; Jamal Ahmad, Mohammad Hafiz Fazl Elahi; AWE (Firm)
Jan-2015ab initio modeling of yttria stabilised zirconia for solid oxide fuel cellsBrandon, Nigel; Offer, Gregory; Parkes, Michael; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Dec-2015Modelling single-phase fluid-fluid reactive transport at the pore-scaleBijeljic, Branko; Blunt, Martin; Al Nahari Alhashmi, Zaki Mahmoud Sharif; Emirates Foundation
Sep-2015An investigation into gas emission and outburst control in thick seam coal miningDurucan, Sevket; Si, Guangyao
Jun-2015A systems engineering approach to financial risk quantification in primary raw materials productionDurucan, Sevket; Korre, Anna; Pan, Indranil; Sciemus (Firm)