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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2015Goal-based adaptive methods applied to the spatial and angular dimensions of the transport equationPain, Chris; Eaton, Matthew; Goffin, Mark; AMEC (Firm); Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Sep-2015The role of sulfate minerals in the search for evidence of life on MarsSephton, Mark; Genge, Matthew; Lewis, James Michael Timothy; Science and Technology Facilities Council (Great Britain)
Oct-2015Applied 3D full-waveform inversion: increasing the resolution and depth penetrationWarner, Michael; Morgan, Joanna; Silverton, Akela Tian Theresa
Sep-2015Wettability characterization using streaming potential measurementsJackson, Matthew; Alroudhan, Abdulkareem; Saudi Aramco
Feb-2015Use of X-ray Computed Microtomography to Measure the Leaching Behaviour of Metal Sulphide OresNeethling, Stephen; Lin, Qingyang; Rio Tinto PLC
Oct-2015Subcritical water extraction methods for future Mars missionsSephton, Mark; Luong, Duy Tony; UK Space Agency
Sep-2015Transtension and transpression in an oblique subduction setting: evolution of the Bahia Basin, Colombian Caribbean marginLonergan, Lidia; Galindo, Pedro; Fondo Colombiano de Investigaciones Científicas y Proyectos Especiales Francisco José de Caldas
Dec-2015The development of the energy, water and food nexus systems modelKorre, Anna; Shah, Nilay; Al-Ansari, Tareq; Qatar Foundation
Sep-2015Assessment of the atmospheric fate and environmental impact of amine emissions from post combustion CO2 captureKorre, Anna; Durucan, Sevket; Simperler, Alexandra; Manzoor, Saba
Dec-2015Modelling the weathering process of stored liquefied natural gas (LNG)Vesovic, Velisa; Migliore Cappello, Calogero