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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2014Seismic reflectivity and impedance inversion in multichannel fashionWang, Yanghua; Wang, Ruo; China Scholarship Council
Jun-2014Improved characterisation and modelling of heterolithic tidal sandstone reservoirsJackson, Matthew; Hampson, Gary; Johnson, Howard; Massart, BenoƮt Yves Ghislain; Shell
Jun-2014Investigations into Heavy Oil Recovery by Vapour Extraction (VAPEX)Muggeridge, Ann; Al-Hadhrami, Munira
Oct-2014Timescales for the development of thermodynamic equilibrium in hydrocarbon reservoirsMuggeridge, Ann; Vesovic, Velisa; Obidi, Onochie
Sep-2014Capillary trapping and oil recovery in altered-wettability carbonate rockBlunt, Martin; Alyafei, Nayef; Imperial College London
Apr-2014Computational methods for geochemical modelling: applications to carbon dioxide sequestrationBlunt, Martin; Moreira Mulin Leal, Allan; Qatar Carbonates and Carbon Storage Research Centre
Jun-2014Using synchrotron radiation to determine the oxidation state of uranium in magmasBerry, Andrew; Halse, Helen; Imperial College London; Natural History Museum (London, England); Diamond Light Source (Firm)
May-2014The interaction between deepwater channel systems and growing thrusts and folds, toe-thrust region of the deepwater Niger DeltaLonergan, Lidia; Whittaker, Alexander; Jolly, Byami Andrew; Petroleum Technology Development Fund (Nigeria)
Dec-2014Carbonate clumped isotopes: a new tool to assess carbonate cementation in clastic sedimentsJohn, Cedric M; Smalley, Craig; Muggeridge, Ann; Dale, Annabel Rebecca; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, et al
Sep-2014Scavenging arsenate from contaminated water using solid supported chemical receptorsVilar, Ramon; Weiss, Dominik; Moffat, Christopher