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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2014Development of a three-dimensional fracture model for the combined finite-discrete element methodLatham, John-Paul; Izzuddin, Bassam; Guo, Liwei; Imperial College London
Jun-2014Stratigraphy and structural evolution of the messinian evaporite complex of the Eastern MediterraneanFraser, Alastair; Jackson, Christopher; Allen, Hayley; Imperial College London
Nov-2014Study of carbon contamination in Solid Oxide CellsOffer, Gregory; Duboviks, Vladislavs; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Oct-2014The Immersed Body Method and Its Use in Modelling Vertical Axis TurbinesGorman, Gerard; Piggott, Matthew; Milthaler, Frank Fritz Michael
Sep-2014Flotation Circuit Optimisation and DesignCilliers, Jan; Hadler, Kathryn; Hu, Weimeng; Rio Tinto (Group)
Jan-2014Closed-loop Feedback Control for Production Optimization of Intelligent Wells under UncertaintyJackson, Matthew D; Dilib, Fahad Ahmed; Statoil
Feb-2014Cadmium and neodymium geochemical cycles in the marine environmentvan de Flierdt, Tina; Rehkämper, Mark; Lambelet, Myriam Liliane
Mar-2014Tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the eastern Mediterranean and the impact of the Messinian salinity crisis on the petroleum systemsFraser, Alastair J; Jackson, Christopher A-L; Al-Balushi, Abdulaziz; Petroleum Development Oman
Sep-2014Simulating ice processes using the finite element, unstructured, adaptive model fluidityPiggott, Matthew; Mouradian, Simon; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Dec-2014Novel Fabrication Routes to Nickel-based Cermet Electrodes for Solid Oxide CellsBrandon, Nigel; Offer, Gregory; Lomberg, Ma'ayan Marina; Energy Futures Group