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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2015A systems engineering approach to financial risk quantification in primary raw materials productionDurucan, Sevket; Korre, Anna; Pan, Indranil; Sciemus (Firm)
Sep-2016The characteristics, geochemistry and origin of propylitic alteration in the northparkes porphyry Cu-Au systemWilkinson, Jamie; Pacey, Adam; Australian Minerals Industry Research Association; Natural Environment Research Council
Mar-2001Estimating the permeability of reservoir sandstones using image analysis of pore structureZimmerman, Robert; Jing, Xudong; Lock, Peter; Enterprise Oil (Great Britain)
Jun-2016Multiphase flow for CO2 injection in saline aquifers and oil reservoirs: multi-scale observationsKrevor, Samuel; Al-Menhali, Ali; Qatar Petroleum
Sep-2015An investigation into gas emission and outburst control in thick seam coal miningDurucan, Sevket; Si, Guangyao
Jul-2016Seismic wavefield modelling and application in viscoelastic mediaWang, Yanghua; Ning, Chao
Aug-2015Modelling In-situ Upgrading (ISU) of heavy oil using dimensionless analysis and operator splitting methodMuggeridge, Ann; Jackson, Matthew; Maes, Julien; Total
Sep-2015The development of a performance assessment methodology for CO2 storage sites using dynamic pressure and surface deformation dataDurucan, Sevket; de la Torre Guzman, Jorge
Sep-2015Three-dimensional anisotropic full-waveform inversionWarner, Mike; Debens, Henry Alexander; FULLWAVE research consortium
Jul-2016The Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary: a hidden mass extinction in tetrapods?Mannion, Philip; Sutton, Mark; Tennant, Jonathan; Natural Environmental Research Council (Great Britain)