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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2015Automated organ localisation in fetal Magnetic Resonance ImagingRueckert, Daniel; Keraudren, Kevin; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
May-2015Combining reinforcement learning and optimal control for the control of nonlinear dynamical systemsFaisal, Aldo; Kuhn, Daniel; Abramova, Ekaterina; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Apr-2015Ungrounded haptic-feedback for hand-held surgical robotsYang, Guang-Zhong; Darzi, Ara; Payne, Christopher; Wates Foundation
Jan-2015Multi-games and bayesian nash equilibriumsEdalat, Abbas; Toni, Francesca; Ghoroghi, Ali
Jan-2015Optimising runtime reconfigurable designs for high performance applicationsLuk, Wayne; Niu, Xinyu; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; European Commision; HiPEAC, et al
Jan-2015Decision making under uncertainty: Robust and data-driven approachesKuhn, Daniel; Wiesemann, Wolfram; Hanasusanto, Grani Adiwena; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Jun-2015Regression-based estimation of pain and facial expression intensityPantic, Maja; Kaltwang, Sebastian; European Commission
Mar-2015Self-adaptive containers: a novel framework for building scalable QoS-aware software with low programmer overheadKnottenbelt, William; Huang, Wei-Chih
Sep-2015Inductive logic programming using bounded hypothesis spaceRusso, Alessandra; Athakravi, Duangtida; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Aug-2015Analysing directed network dataPrzulj, Natasa; Rueckert, Daniel; Sarajlic, Anida; European Research Council