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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-20123D Reconstruction from Stereo and Photometric Cues in Minimally Invasive SurgeryYang, Guang-Zhong; Visentini Scarzanella, Marco
Oct-20193D shape instantiation for intra-operative navigation from a single 2D projectionYang, Guang-Zhong; Lee, Su-Lin; Zhou, Xiaoyun;
Mar-2017ABA+: Assumption-based argumentation with preferencesToni, Francesca; Cyras, Kristijonas
May-2011Abstraction in Model Checking Multi-Agent SystemsLomuscio, Alessio; Russo, Francesco
Sep-2016Abstraction, refinement and concurrent reasoningGardner, Philippa; Drossopoulou, Sophia; Raad, Azalea
Jan-2012Accelerating Reconfigurable Financial ComputingLuk, Wayne; Thomas, David; Tse, Hong Tak (Anson);
Jul-2015An accurate 3D human face model reconstruction schemeGillies, Duncan; Wang, Wenlong
Jul-2016Action selection in the rhythmic brain: The role of the basal ganglia and tremor.Shanahan, Murray; Fountas, Zafeirios;
Jul-2011An Active-Library Based Investigation into the Performance Optimisation of Linear Algebra and the Finite Element MethodKelly, Paul; Field, Tony; Russell, Francis Prem
2008Adaptive Response System for Distributed Denial-of-Service AttacksSloman, Morris; Thing, Vrizlynn Ling Ling;
Jul-2016Advances in compositional fitting of active appearance modelsZafeiriou, Stefanos; Pantic, Maja; Alabort Medina, Joan;
Sep-2019Advancing efficiency and robustness of neural networks for imagingGlocker, Benjamin; Rueckert, Daniel; Kamnitsas, Konstantinos
Oct-2018Adversarial Learning for Image-to-Image Generative CreativityGuo, Yike; Yu, Simiao
Sep-2020Affect recognition & generation in-the-wildZafeiriou, Stefanos; Kollias, Dimitrios
Sep-2015Analysing datafied lifeGuo, Yike; Yang, Xian
Aug-2015Analysing directed network dataPrzulj, Natasa; Rueckert, Daniel; Sarajlic, Anida;
Nov-2013Analysing high frame-rate camera trackingDavison, Andrew; Maja, Pantic; Handa, Ankur;
2009Analysis of 3D Face ReconstructionGillies, Duncan; Rueckert, Daniel; Amin, Syed Hassan;
Aug-2013Analysis of MRI for Knee Osteoarthritis using Machine LearningRueckert, Daniel; Bull, Anthony; Donoghue, Claire;
Oct-2012Appearance Modelling and Reconstruction for Navigation in Minimally Invasive SurgeryYang, Guang-Zhong; Darzi, Ara; Totz, Johannes
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 414