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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2010Analysis and Design of Stainless Steel Bolted ConnectionsGardner, Leroy; Salih, Elwaleed Lutfi Mohamed; University of Khartoum, Sudan and the Prof. Shawki Saad Scholarship
Feb-2010Soil microbial interactions affecting enteric pathogen survival in sewage sludge-amended agricultural soilSmith, Stephen; Perez Viana, Felipe; EPSRC, DEFRA, NFU, UKWIR, Anglian Water, Scottish Water, Thames Water, Yorkshire Water
Jan-2010Ground-motion prediction for subduction-zone earthquakes: insights from South and Central American dataStrasser, Fleur; Arango-Gaviria, Maria Cristina; Alban programme
Feb-2010Numerical modelling of shotcrete for tunnellingPotts, David; Schutz, Reinhard; Geotechnical Consulting Group (GCG) London
2010An evaluation of NOM precursors and bromide ion in the formation of haloacetic acids (HAAs) in water treatmentGraham, Nigel; Huang, Jin; EPSRC ; Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) ; Anglian Water
Feb-2010Carrier-phase based real-time static and kinematic precise point positioning Using GPS and GALILEOOchieng, Washington; Shi, Xin
2010Nonlinear buckling of delaminated panelsLouca, Luke; Vollmecke, Christina; EPSRC ; Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Nov-2010Structural Behaviour of Blast Loaded Hybrid SystemsLouca, Luke; Yang, Yang
2010Statistical Downscaling of Climate Model Outputs for Hydrological ExtremesWheater, Howard; Onof, Christian; Chun, Kwok Pan
Sep-2010Hydrological and water resources modelling under uncertainty and climate change: An application to the Limpopo basin, BotswanaMcIntyre, Neil R.; Wheater, Howard S.; Kenabatho, Kebuang Piet; Commonwealth Commission