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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2012Orthotropic modelling of the skeletal systemPhillips, Andrew; Martins Da Silva Geraldes, Diogo Miguel
Nov-2013A new microscopic model for the simulation of shared space schemesOchieng, Washington Yotto; Bell, Michael; Sivakumar, Aruna; Anvari, Bani
Mar-2014Moment redistribution in cold-formed steel purlin systemsGardner, Leroy; Nethercot, David; Hui, Chi;
Jan-2012Inelastic seismic response assessment of moment resisting steel framesElghazouli, Ahmed; Stafford, Peter; Kumar, Mukesh;
Apr-2014Improving the resistance to progressive collapse of steel and composite framesNethercot, David; Elghazouli, Ahmed; Vidalis, Carolos Antonios
Nov-2013A safety assessment framework for Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) and its potential impact on aviation safetyOchieng, Washington; Syd Ali, Busyairah
Dec-2013Stability and design of steel beams in the strain-hardening rangeGardner, Leroy; Foster, Andrew
Oct-2013A comparative optimisation study of activated carbon production from hazelnut shells by thermal and microwave heating methodsFowler, Geoffrey; Sharifan, Suzan
Mar-2014Assessing ground interaction effects and potential damage on existing tunnels before and after new excavation worksStanding, Jamie; Vollum, Robert; Potts, David; Burland, John; Yu, Jessica Bang Yan, et al
Oct-2013Surface wave statistics in directionally spread seasSwan, Chris; Latheef, Mohamed