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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2014Recycled polymers reinforced with paper plastic laminatesCheeseman, Christopher; Vandeperre, Luc; Mitchell, Jonathan; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; Nextek (Firm)
Nov-2016Particle scale analysis of soil stiffness and elastic wave propagationO'Sullivan, Catherine; Otsubo, Masahide; Japanese Student Services Organization
Oct-2015Fluid forcing in the crests of large ocean wavesSwan, Chris; Haley, Joseph
Sep-2017Optimising the process of anaerobic digestion through improved understanding of fundamental operational parametersSmith, Stephen R.; Giacalone, Stefano; Thames Water (Firm); Anglian Water; Severn Trent Water (Firm), et al
Oct-2017Valuing infrastructure investments as portfolios of interdependent real optionsPolak, John; Gann, David; Maier, Sebastian; Imperial College London; European Union, et al
Nov-2014Optimal treatment of nonlinear site response through a set of novel methodologiesDr Kontoe, Stavroula; Dr Stafford, Peter; Lessi Cheimariou, Angeliki; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Jun-2018Modelling self-potentials as a predictor of seawater intrusion in coastal groundwater boreholesButler, Adrian; Jackson, Matt; Graham, Malcolm; Natural Environment Research Council (Great Britain); Imperial College London
-The evolution of morphology and fabric of a sand during shearingO’Sullivan, Dr. Catherine; Coop, Professor Matthew; Fonseca, Joana; Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia
Aug-2018Length effects in elastic imperfect cylindrical shells under uniform bendingSadowski, Adam; Wadee, Ahmer; Fajuyitan, Oluwole Kunle; Petroleum Technology Development Fund (Nigeria)
-Chalk regional groundwater models and their applicability to site scale processesButler, Adrian; Wheater, Howard; Parker, Simon John; Natural Environment Research Council