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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2015Efficient operation of recharging infrastructure for the accommodation of electric vehicles: a demand driven approachPolak, John; Sivakumar, Aruna; Latinopoulos, Charilaos; Imperial College London
Aug-2016Behaviour and design of high strength steel structuresGardner, Leroy; Wang, Jie
Aug-2016Robustness and resilience analysis of urban road networksOchieng, Washington; Han, Ke; Angeloudis, Panagiotis; Shang, Wenlong; China Scholarship Council
May-2015Exploring data mining for hydrological modellingBuytaert, Wouter; Onof, Christian; Vitolo, Claudia
Sep-2015Development, implementation and application of thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling for soils in finite element analysisPotts, David; Cui, Wenjie; China Scholarship Council
Aug-2016High-resolution evaluation of aircraft emissions at airportsMajumdar, Arnab; Stettler, Marc; Ochieng, Washington; Koudis, George; Lloyd's Register Foundation
Jan-2016Comprehensive macroseismic analyses for probabilistic seismic hazard assessment in intraplate regionsFenton, Clark; Han, Jeongmin
Sep-2015Critical assessment of structure and parameterization of JULES land surface model at different spatial scales in a UK Chalk catchmentButler, Adrian; Le Vine, Nataliya; Mcintyre, Neil; Bakopoulou, Christina
Nov-2016Developing supplementary cementitious materials from waste London clayCheeseman, Chris; Zhou, Ding
Apr-2016Interactive buckling in thin-walled I-section struts of uniform thicknessWadee, M. Ahmer; Liu, Elizabeth Long; Imperial College London