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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2015Performance modelling of urban metro rail systems: an application of frontiers, regression, and causal inference techniquesGraham, Daniel; Canavan, Shane; Imperial College London
Sep-2015Development, implementation and application of thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling for soils in finite element analysisPotts, David; Cui, Wenjie; China Scholarship Council
Aug-2015Effect of reinforcement spacers on concrete microstructure and durabilityBuenfeld, Nick; Alzyoud, Sukina
May-2015An integrated solution based irregular driving detectionOchieng, Washington Yotto; Feng, Shaojun; Schuster, Wolfgang; Sun, Rui
Sep-2015A linear programming approach for capacity estimation and robustness analysis of the European air traffic networkMajumdar, Arnab; Han, Ke; Ochieng, Washington; Pien, Kuang-Chang; Taiwan
May-2015Exploring data mining for hydrological modellingBuytaert, Wouter; Onof, Christian; Vitolo, Claudia