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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2015Processing the problematic fine fraction of incinerator bottom ash into a raw material for manufacturing ceramicsCheeseman, Chistopher; Grimes, Sue; Vandeperre, Luc; Bourtsalas, Athanasios; Martin Gmbh, et al
-The microstructure of UK mudrocksJardine, Richard; Coop, Matthew; Fenton, Clark; Wilkinson, Stephen; EPSRC
Sep-2017The economic effects of transportation infrastructure on output and productivityGraham, Daniel J.; Barzin, Samira; Imperial College London
Sep-2015Design of cable-stayed footbridges under serviceability loadsRuiz-Teran, Ana Maria; Stafford, Peter J.; Ramos Moreno, Caterina; "La Caixa" Foundation
Sep-2015A linear programming approach for capacity estimation and robustness analysis of the European air traffic networkMajumdar, Arnab; Han, Ke; Ochieng, Washington; Pien, Kuang-Chang; Taiwan
Feb-2014The value of regionalised information for hydrological modellingMcIntyre, Neil; Le Vine, Nataliya; Buytaert, Wouter; Butler, Adrian; Cardoso Lopes de Almeida, Susana Margarida, et al
Oct-2015Nonlinear analysis of composite shells with application to glass structuresIzzuddin, Bassam A.; Liang, Yating; Imperial College London
Sep-2015Advanced laboratory studies to explore the axial cyclic behaviour of driven pilesJardine, Richard; Sim, Way Way; Aghakouchak, Amin; Imperial College London; Atkins (Firm), et al
Feb-2017Influence of slab continuity on punching resistanceLars Vollum, Robert; Sampaio Soares, Luis Fernando; Science without Borders
Mar-2013Use of ionic liquids as a means of recovering value from key organic waste streams in NigeriaGrimes, Sue; Thompson, Feyisetan Oluremi