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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2015Computational and experimental techniques towards optimising the cardiovascular risk assessment of hyperbaric decompression stress caused by circulatory bubble dynamicsPapadopoulou, Virginie
Jun-2016Computational modelling and experimental evaluation of fluid and mass transport in lymph node with implications in inflammationJafarnejad, Mohammad
Mar-2016Computer assisted analysis of contrast enhanced ultrasound images for quantification in vascular diseasesCheung, Wing Keung
Sep-2015Correlation of mechanical stresses with arterial disease frequency in animal modelsRowland, Ethan
Jan-2014Cortical Bone Adaptation: A Finite-Element Study of the Mouse TibiaFerro Pereira, Andre
Jan-2014Decision support continuum paradigm for cardiovascular disease: Towards personalized predictive modelsTay, Darwin
Nov-2010Design and Functional Assembly of Synthetic Biological Parts and DevicesWang, Baojun
Apr-2016Design and implementation of a mammalian synthetic gene oscillatorSant'Ana Pereira, Hugo
Oct-2012Design, fabrication & evaluation of a biomimetic filter-bank architecture for low-power noise-robust cochlear implant processorsYang, Guang
Jan-2014Design, fabrication and testing of miniaturized neural recording platform for robotic applications in fly sensorimotor researchHuang, Jiaqi
Aug-2011Destabilisation of the medial meniscus: imaging and mechanics of a murine surgical osteoarthritis modelMoodie, Jonathan
Oct-2014Detecting tissue optical and mechanical properties with an ultrasound-modulated optical imaging systemCheng, Yi
1-Apr-2008Developing an electrochemical tissue perfusion sensorHarvey, Severin Luc Ramses
2012Development and application of a flow system to study shear stress-induced genes in primary endothelial cellsFrueh, Jennifer Annika
Jul-2013Development and Application of the Pelvic TrackerBorhani, Maedeh
May-1988The development and applications of a new liquid handling deviceShaw Stewart, Patrick
Dec-2009Development and use of bioanalytical instrumentation and signal analysis methods for rapid sampling microdialysis monitoring of neuro-intensive care patientsFeuerstein, Delphine
Aug-2016Development and validation of a robotic two-photon targeted whole-cell recording system for in vivo electrophysiologyAnnecchino, Luca
Sep-2010Development of a Micro Recording Probe for Measurements of Neuronal Activity in Freely Moving AnimalsPeterson, Kristopher David
Oct-2009Development of a sub-miniature acoustic sensor for wireless monitoring of heart rateTosanguan, Thanut
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 142
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