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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2007Colliding Worlds: Asteroid research and the legitimization of war in spaceMellor, F
31-Dec-2008"Interview with Jorge Díaz-Cintas, by Fatemeh Jabbarzadeh (In Persian)"Diaz Cintas, J.
1-Aug-2003Between fact and fiction: Demarcating science from non-science in popular physics booksMellor, F
31-Dec-1995El subtitulado de Hamlet al castellanoDiaz Cintas, J.
31-Dec-2017The Communicative Functions of Silence in ScienceMellor, F; Mellor, F; Webster, S; The Arts And Humanities Research Council (AHRC)
31-Dec-1995El subtitulado como técnica docenteDiaz Cintas, J.
31-Dec-2007La subtitulación y el mundo académico: perspectivas de estudio e investigación.Diaz Cintas, J.; Nobel Perdu Honeyman et al. (eds.)
1-Jan-2015Non-news values in science journalismMellor, F; Rappert, B; Balmer, B; The Arts And Humanities Research Council (AHRC)
31-Dec-2007Reflexiones en torno a la enseñanza de la traducción audiovisual en España. Propuestas de futuroDiaz Cintas, J; Mas Lopez, J; Orero, P; eds NPHEA
3-Oct-2014Case Study of Japanese Language Teaching in a Multicultural Learning Environment Where Different Students Expectations May Exist in Teaching and LearningWinch, J