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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2005Invariant approximations of the minimal robust. positively invariant setRakovic, SV; Kerrigan, EC; Kouramas, KI; Mayne, DQ
1-Jan-2001The stability of motorcycles under acceleration and brakingLimebeer, DJN; Sharp, RS; Evangelou, S
30-Nov-2006CMOS Buck-Boost Power processing circuitry for powerMEMS generatorsD'Hulst, R; Mitcheson, P D; Driesen, J
30-Sep-2007A Gravitational Torque Micro-Generator for Self-Powered SensingToh, T T; Mitcheson, P D; Yeatman, E M
1-Jul-2003Assessment of power losses of an inverter-driven induction machine with its experimental validationHernandez-Aramburo, CA; Green, TC; Smith, S
1-Jan-2007A study on LQG/LTR control for damping inter-area oscillations in power systemsZolotas, AC; Chaudhuri, B; Jaimoukha, IM; Korba, P
1-Feb-2005A probabilistic approach to model-based adaptive control for damping of interarea oscillationsMajumder, R; Chaudhuri, B; Pal, BC
1-Sep-2003Internal model based tracking and disturbance rejection for stable well-posed systemsRebarber, R; Weiss, G
1-Jan-2006Exponential stabilization of well-posed systems by colocated feedbackCurtain, RF; Weiss, G
1-Jan-2001Robust feasibility in model predictive control: Necessary and sufficient conditionsKerrigan, EC; Maciejowski, JM