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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jun-2017HIV-1 full-genome phylogenetics of generalized epidemics in sub-Saharan Africa: impact of missing nucleotide characters in next-generation sequencesRatmann, O; Wymant, C; Colijn, C; Danaviah, S; Essex, M, et al
2-Oct-2017European Union regulations on algorithmic decision-making and a “Right to Explanation”Goodman, B; Flaxman, S
15-Apr-2017Note on A. Barbour’s paper on Stein’s method for diffusion approximationsKasprzak, MJ; Duncan, AB; Vollmer, SJ
1-Dec-2017Probabilistic models for integration error in the assessment of functional cardiac modelsOates, CJ; Niederer, S; Lee, A; Briol, F-X; Girolami, M
1-Dec-2017Using perturbed underdamped langevin dynamics to efficiently sample from probability distributionsDuncan, AB; Nusken, N; Pavliotis, GA; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al
8-Nov-2017Some Recent Developments in Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Cointegrated Time SeriesMarowka, M; Peters, GW; Kantas, N; Bagnarosa, G
29-Mar-2017A hierarchical model for the ages of Galactic halo white dwarfsSi, S; Van Dyk, DA; Von Hippel, T; Robinson, E; Webster, A, et al
19-Apr-2017A note on using the F-measure for evaluating record linkage algorithmsHand, DJ; Christen, P
26-Jul-2017A weak law of large numbers for estimating the correlation in bivariate Brownian semistationary processesGranelli, A; Veraart, A; Commission of the European Communities
26-Jul-2017A central limit theorem for the realised covariation of a bivariate Brownian semistationary processGranelli, A; Veraart, A; Commission of the European Communities