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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Feb-2014Population-based studies of myocardial hypertrophy: high resolution cardiovascular magnetic resonance atlases improve statistical powerde Marvao, A; Dawes, TJW; Shi, W; Minas, C; Keenan, NG, et al
1-Dec-2014Quantifying Causal Effects of Road Network Capacity Expansions on Traffic Volume and Density via a Mixed Model Propensity Score EstimatorMcCoy, EJ; Graham, DJ; Stephens, DA
18-Dec-2014Group Factor AnalysisKlami, A; Virtanen, S; Leppaaho, E; Kaski, S
23-Sep-2014Sequential Monte Carlo methods for high-dimensional inverse problems: a case study for the Navier-Stokes equationsKantas, N; Beskos, A; Jasra, A
4-May-2014Approximate bayesian computation for smoothingMartin, JS; Jasra, A; Singh, SS; Whiteley, N; Del Moral, P, et al
8-Dec-2014Filtering automated polling traffic in computer network flow dataHeard, N; Rubin-Delanchy, P; Lawson, D
1-Mar-2014Discussion of the article ‘Geodesic Monte Carlo on Embedded Manifolds’ by Simon Byrne and Mark GirolamiByrne, S; Girolami, M; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
1-Mar-2014Ten Simple Rules for Effective Computational ResearchOsborne, JM; Bernabeu, MO; Bruna, M; Calderhead, B; Cooper, J, et al
8-Dec-2014Modelling new edge formation in a computer network through Bayesian variable selectionMetelli, S; Heard, N
19-Dec-2014Models and forecasts of credit card balanceHon, PS; Bellotti, T