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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Sep-2010Brain connectivity in positive and negative syndrome schizophrenia.Medkour, T; Walden, AT; Burgess, AP; Strelets, VB
1-Apr-2011Correntropy: Implications of nonGaussianity for the moment expansion and deconvolutionYang, Z; Walden, AT; McCoy, EJ
1-Mar-2011Statistical Properties of the Estimator of the Rotary CoefficientChandna, S; Walden, AT
1-Mar-2010A Statistical Analysis of Morse Wavelet CoherenceCohen, EAK; Walden, AT
1-Jun-2010A Statistical Study of Temporally Smoothed Wavelet CoherenceCohen, EAK; Walden, AT
13-Apr-2015An efficient approach to graphical modelling of time seriesWolstenholme, RJ; Walden, AT
1-Jan-2013Quaternion VAR Modelling and EstimationGinzberg, P; Walden, AT
1-Sep-2012Statistical Properties for Coherence Estimators From Evolutionary SpectraWalden, AT; Cohen, EAK
6-Aug-2015Random matrix derived shrinkage of spectral precision matricesWalden, AT; Schneider-Luftman, D
1-Mar-2013Matrix-Valued and Quaternion WaveletsGinzberg, P; Walden, AT