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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2017Real-time estimation of dynamic functional connectivity networksMonti, RP; Lorenz, R; Braga, RM; Anagnostopoulos, C; Leech, R, et al
1-Jun-2019Variable Prioritization in Nonlinear Black Box Methods: A Genetic Association Case StudyCrawford, L; Flaxman, SR; Runcie, DE; West, M
28-Jan-2019Erratum: Higher order elicitability and Osband's principle.Fissler, T; Ziegel, J
22-Jun-2019What is the purpose of statistical modelling?Hand, D
23-May-2017Discussion of "Sequential Quasi-Monte Carlo" by Mathieu Gerber and Nicolas ChopinOates, CJ; Simpson, D; Girolami, M
1-Jan-2019New directions in computational, combinational and structural creativityGarvey, B; Chen, L; Shi, F; Han, J; Childs, P
May-2018Stochastic modelling of urban structureEllam, L; Girolami, M; Pavliotis, GA; Wilson, A; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al
6-Jul-2019HIV-1 transmission patterns in men who have sex with men: insights from genetic source attribution analysis.Le Vu, S; Ratmann, O; Delpech, V; Brown, AE; Gill, ON, et al
2-Jul-2019Elicitability and identifiability of systemic risk measures and other set-valued functionalsFissler, T; Hlavinov√°, J; Rudloff, B
1-May-2019PANGEA-HIV 2: Phylogenetics and networks for generalised epidemics in AfricaAbeler-Dorner, L; Grabowski, MK; Rambaut, A; Pillay, D; Fraser, C, et al