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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2013Quaternion VAR Modelling and EstimationGinzberg, P; Walden, AT
3-Feb-2014Population-based studies of myocardial hypertrophy: high resolution cardiovascular magnetic resonance atlases improve statistical powerde Marvao, A; Dawes, TJW; Shi, W; Minas, C; Keenan, NG, et al
7-Sep-2016Bayesian analysis of two stellar populations in Galactic globular clusters III: Analysis of 30 clustersWagner-Kaiser, R; Stenning, D; Sarajedini, A; Von Hippel, T; Van Dyk, DA, et al
12-Dec-2016Detecting relativistic X-ray jets in high-redshift quasarsMcKeough, K; Siemiginowska, A; Cheung, CC; Stawarz, L; Kashyap, V, et al
9-Sep-2016Standardizing type Ia supernovae optical brightness using near infrared rebrightening timeShariff, H; Dhawan, S; Jiao, X; Leibundgut, B; Trotta, R, et al
1-Sep-2012Statistical Properties for Coherence Estimators From Evolutionary SpectraWalden, AT; Cohen, EAK
22-Oct-2012Quantifying the effect of area deprivation on child pedestrian casualties by using longitudinal mixed models to adjust for confounding, interference and spatial dependenceGraham, DJ; McCoy, EJ; Stephens, DA
1-Dec-2012A Bayesian Analysis of the Correlations Among Sunspot CyclesYu, Y; van Dyk, DA; Kashyap, VL; Young, CA
9-Oct-2015Differential analysis of biological networksYoung, GA; Montana, G; Ruan, D
1-Oct-2012Distributed Maximum Likelihood for Simultaneous Self-Localization and Tracking in Sensor NetworksKantas, N; Singh, SS; Doucet, A