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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Dec-2014Modelling new edge formation in a computer network through Bayesian variable selectionMetelli, S; Heard, N
17-Nov-2016Predictability of NetFlow dataEvangelou, M; Adams, N
5-Jul-2010Stable Markov decision processes using predictive controlYang, Z; Kantas, N; Lecchini-Visintini, A; Maciejowksi, JM
22-Jul-2017Clustering and monitoring edge behaviour in enterprise network trafficSchon, C; Adams, NM; Evangelou, M
8-Nov-2018Adaptive Anomaly Detection on Network Data StreamsRiddle-Workman, E; Evangelou, M; Adams, N
2-Dec-2018Implicit probabilistic integrators for ODEsTeymur, O; Calderhead, B; Lie, HC; Sullivan, T
22-Feb-2019Fusing multimodal microscopy data for improved cell boundary estimation and fluorophore localization of Pseudomonas aeruginosaWard, S; Cohen, E; Adams, N; Wellcome Trust
9-Apr-2018Bayesian approaches to distribution regressionLaw, HCL; Sutherland, D; Sejdinovic, D; Flaxman, SR