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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Aug-2016A wavelet based likelihood ratio test for the homogeneity of poisson processesTaleb, Y; Cohen, E
9-Jun-2017Probabilistic numerical methods for PDE-constrained Bayesian inverse problemsCockayne, J; Oates, C; Sullivan, T; Girolami, M; Verdoolaege, G
2-May-2016Control functionals for quasi-Monte Carlo integrationOates, CJ; Girolami, M
31-Dec-2012Adaptive Orthogonal Matrix-Valued Wavelets and Compression of Vector-Valued SignalsGinzberg, P; Walden, AT
17-Nov-2016Activity-based temporal anomaly detection in enterprise-cyber securityWhitehouse, M; Evangelou, M; Adams, N
17-Nov-2016Model-based clustering and new edge modelling in large computer networksMetelli; Heard
17-Nov-2016Poisson factorization for peer-based anomaly detectionTurcotte, M; Moore, J; Heard, NA; McPhall, A
17-Nov-2016Disassortativity of computer networksRubin-Delanchy, P; HEARD, NA
17-Nov-2016Network-wide anomaly detection via the Dirichlet processHeard, NA; Rubin-Delanchy, P; GCHQ
17-Nov-2016Topic modelling of authentication events in an enterprise computer networkHeard, NA; Palla, K; Skoularidou, M