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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Jul-2005A generalized demodulation approach to time-frequency projections for multicomponent signalsOlhede, S; Walden, AT
8-Dec-2007Ensemble estimation of polarization ellipse parametersWalden, AT; Medkour, T
16-Sep-2009Dissecting the fission yeast regulatory network reveals phase-specific control elements of its cell cycleBushel, PR; Heard, NA; Gutman, R; Liu, L; Peddada, SD, et al
1-Mar-2009On Testing for Impropriety of Complex-Valued Gaussian VectorsWalden, AT; Rubin-Delanchy, P
1-Jan-2007Attenuation estimation from correlated sequencesMedkour, T; Walden, AT
8-Feb-2003Polarization phase relationships via multiple Morse wavelets. I. FundamentalsOlhede, S; Walden, AT
1-Nov-2007Simulation of improper complex-valued sequencesRubin-Delanchy, P; Walden, AT
1-Jan-2009A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for the Analysis of a Longitudinal Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI Oncology StudySchmid, VJ; Whitcher, B; Padhani, AR; Taylor, NJ; Yang, G-Z
1-Dec-2002Multitaper power spectrum estimation and thresholding: Wavelet packets versus waveletsCristan, AC; Walden, AT
27-Jul-2007Quantitative analysis of cell nucleus organisationShiels, C; Adams, NM; Islam, SA; Stephens, DA; Freemont, PS, et al