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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Oct-2017Improved algorithmic complexity for the 3SEQ recombination detection algorithmRatmann, O; Ha Minh Lam; Boni, MF; Medical Research Council (MRC); Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
15-Sep-2016Spatio-temporal Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes: theory, simulation and statistical inferenceNguyen, M; Veraart, A; Commission of the European Communities; Imperial College London
10-Apr-2017On Higher Order Elicitability and Some Limit Theorems on the Poisson and Wiener SpaceFissler, T; Ziegel, JF
17-Nov-2016Disassortativity of computer networksRubin-Delanchy, P; HEARD, NA
17-Nov-2016Network-wide anomaly detection via the Dirichlet processHeard, NA; Rubin-Delanchy, P; GCHQ
17-Nov-2016Topic modelling of authentication events in an enterprise computer networkHeard, NA; Palla, K; Skoularidou, M
17-Nov-2016Poisson factorization for peer-based anomaly detectionTurcotte, M; Moore, J; Heard, NA; McPhall, A
17-Nov-2016Model-based clustering and new edge modelling in large computer networksMetelli; Heard
19-Jan-2017Reliable region predictions for automated valuation modelsBellotti, A
1-Sep-2017Improved prediction accuracy for disease risk mapping using Gaussian process stacked generalization.Bhatt, S; Cameron, E; Flaxman, SR; Weiss, DJ; Smith, DL, et al