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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Oct-2017STACCATO: a novel solution to supernova photometric classification with biased training setsRevsbech, EA; Trotta, R; Van Dyk, DA; Imperial College Trust; Imperial College Trust, et al
1-Jan-2016Preprocessing solar images while preserving their latent structureStein, NM; Van Dyk, DA; Kashyap, VL; The Royal Society; Commission of the European Communities, et al
1-Aug-2015DISENTANGLING OVERLAPPING ASTRONOMICAL SOURCES USING SPATIAL AND SPECTRAL INFORMATIONJones, DE; Kashyap, VL; Van Dyk, DA; The Royal Society; Commission of the European Communities, et al
10-Feb-2001Analysis of energy spectra with low photon counts via Bayesian posterior simulationVan Dyk, DA; Connors, A; Kashyap, VL; Siemiginowska, A
18-Jul-2016Bayesian Analysis of Two Stellar Populations in Galactic Globular Clusters. II. NGC 5024, NGC 5272, and NGC 6352Wagner-Kaiser, R; Stenning, D; Robinson, E; Von Hippel, T; Sarajedini, A, et al
14-Dec-2016On methods for correcting for the look-elsewhere effect in searches for new physicsAlgeri, S; Van Dyk, DA; Conrad, J; Anderson, B; The Royal Society, et al
3-Mar-2017The ACS Survey of Galactic Globular Clusters XIV: Bayesian Single-Population Analysis of 69 Globular ClustersWagner-Kaiser, R; Sarajedini, A; Von Hippel, T; Stenning, DC; Van Dyk, DA, et al
3-Apr-2015Metropolis-Hastings Within Partially Collapsed Gibbs SamplersVan Dyk, DA; Jiao, X; The Royal Society; Commission of the European Communities
9-Sep-2016Standardizing type Ia supernovae optical brightness using near infrared rebrightening timeShariff, H; Dhawan, S; Jiao, X; Leibundgut, B; Trotta, R, et al
5-Oct-2017Bayesian estimates of astronomical time delays between gravitationally lensed stochastic light curvesTak, H; Mandel, K; Van Dyk, DA; Kashyap, V; Meng, XL, et al