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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Dec-2014Models and forecasts of credit card balanceHon, PS; Bellotti, T
15-Nov-2013Transcriptomic Profiling in Childhood H1N1/09 Influenza Reveals Reduced Expression of Protein Synthesis GenesHerberg, JA; Kaforou, M; Gormley, S; Sumner, ER; Patel, S, et al
1-Dec-2015Introduction to High-dimensional StatisticsYoung, GA
1-Oct-2015Stability and uniqueness of p-values for likelihood-based inferenceDiCiccio, TJ; Kuffner, TA; Young, GA; Zaretzki, R
1-Nov-2015Detecting Unspecified Structure in Low-Count ImagesStein, NM; Van Dyk, DA; Kashyap, VL; Siemiginowska, A
27-Jul-2007Quantitative analysis of cell nucleus organisationShiels, C; Adams, NM; Islam, SA; Stephens, DA; Freemont, PS
14-Jun-2015A comparison of efficient approximations for a weighted sum of chi-squared random variablesAdams, NM; Bodenham, DA
1-Jan-2016Preprocessing solar images while preserving their latent structureStein, NM; Van Dyk, DA; Kashyap, VL
25-Mar-2015Quantifying nuisance parameter effects via decompositions of asymptotic refinements for likelihood-based statisticsDiCiccio, TJ; Kuffner, TA; Young, GA
1-Aug-2015On Particle Methods for Parameter Estimation in State-Space ModelsKantas, N; Doucet, A; Singh, SS; Maciejowski, J; Chopin, N