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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2015On Particle Methods for Parameter Estimation in State-Space ModelsKantas, N; Doucet, A; Singh, SS; Maciejowski, J; Chopin, N
1-Oct-2012Distributed Maximum Likelihood for Simultaneous Self-Localization and Tracking in Sensor NetworksKantas, N; Singh, SS; Doucet, A
18-Jan-2012Bayesian parameter inference for partially observed stopped processesJasra, A; Kantas, N; Persing, A
5-Feb-2012Linear variance bounds for particle approximations of time-homogeneous Feynman-Kac formulaeWhiteley, N; Kantas, N; Jasra, A
8-Nov-2017Some Recent Developments in Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Cointegrated Time SeriesMarowka, M; Peters, GW; Kantas, N; Bagnarosa, G
1-May-2014Approximate inference for observation-driven time series models with intractable likelihoodsJasra, A; Kantas, N; Ehrlich, E
12-Jul-2013Gradient free parameter estimation for hidden Markov models with intractable likelihoodsEhrlich, E; Jasra, A; Kantas, N; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
23-Aug-2009Stability of model predictive control using Markov Chain Monte Carlo optimisationSiva, E; Goulart, P; Maciejowski, JM; Kantas, N
5-Jul-2010Stable Markov decision processes using predictive controlYang, Z; Kantas, N; Lecchini-Visintini, A; Maciejowksi, JM
1-Oct-2010Simulation-based Bayesian optimal design of aircraft trajectories for air traffic managementKantas, N; Lecchini-Visintini, A; Maciejowski, JM