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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jun-2015A comparison of efficient approximations for a weighted sum of chi-squared random variablesAdams, NM; Bodenham, DA
16-Jun-2014RMCMC: A system for updating Bayesian modelsLau, FD-H; Gandy, A
18-Jul-2016Continuous monitoring for changepoints in data streams using adaptive estimationBodenham, DA; Adams, NM
4-May-2016QuickMMCTest -- quick multiple Monte Carlo testingGandy, A; Hahn, G
8-Jul-2015Convergence of Monte Carlo distribution estimates from rival samplersHeard, NA; Turcotte, MJM
17-Nov-2016Activity-based temporal anomaly detection in enterprise-cyber securityWhitehouse, M; Evangelou, M; Adams, N
17-Nov-2016Predictability of NetFlow dataEvangelou, M; Adams, N
19-Jan-2017Reliable region predictions for automated valuation modelsBellotti, A
18-Dec-2014Group Factor AnalysisKlami, A; Virtanen, S; Leppaaho, E; Kaski, S
1-May-2014Approximate inference for observation-driven time series models with intractable likelihoodsJasra, A; Kantas, N; Ehrlich, E