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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jun-2015A comparison of efficient approximations for a weighted sum of chi-squared random variablesAdams, NM; Bodenham, DA
18-Jul-2016Continuous monitoring for changepoints in data streams using adaptive estimationBodenham, DA; Adams, NM
27-Jul-2007Quantitative analysis of cell nucleus organisationShiels, C; Adams, NM; Islam, SA; Stephens, DA; Freemont, PS, et al
16-May-2012Analysis of spatial point patterns in nuclear biologyWeston, DJ; Adams, NM; Russell, RA; Stephens, DA; Freemont, PS, et al
6-Mar-2015New quantitative approaches reveal the spatial preference of nuclear compartments in mammalian fibroblasts.Weston, DJ; Russell, RA; Batty, E; Jensen, K; Stephens, DA, et al
11-Mar-2016Improving clustering performance by incorporating uncertaintyBakoben, M; Bellotti, AG; Adams, NM
15-Nov-2017Devising a fairer method for adjusting target scores in interrupted one-day international cricketHogan, J; Cohen, EAK; Adams, NM
1-Oct-2006The transcriptional regulator CBP has defined spatial associations within interphase nucleiMcManus, KJ; Stephens, DA; Adams, NM; Islam, SA; Freemont, PS, et al
22-Jul-2017Clustering and monitoring edge behaviour in enterprise network trafficSchon, C; Adams, NM; Evangelou, M