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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-May-2002Statistics, handle with care: Detecting multiple model components with the likelihood ratio testProtassov, R; van Dyk, DA; Connors, A; Kashyap, VL; Siemiginowska, A
10-Feb-2001Analysis of energy spectra with low photon counts via Bayesian posterior simulationVan Dyk, DA; Connors, A; Kashyap, VL; Siemiginowska, A
1-Mar-2009STATISTICAL ANALYSIS OF STELLAR EVOLUTIONvan Dyk, DA; DeGennaro, S; Stein, N; Jefferys, WH; von Hippel, T
1-Dec-2004'Analytic' wavelet thresholdingOlhede, SC; Walden, AT
8-Apr-2004The Hilbert spectrum via wavelet projectionsOlhede, S; Walden, AT
1-Jan-2008Statistical properties of the estimated degree of polarizationMedkour, T; Walden, AT
30-Jun-2005Finding groups in gene expression dataHand, DJ; Heard, NA
1-Dec-2002Multitaper power spectrum estimation and thresholding: Wavelet packets versus waveletsCristan, AC; Walden, AT
1-Mar-2009On Testing for Impropriety of Complex-Valued Gaussian VectorsWalden, AT; Rubin-Delanchy, P
1-Sep-2008Kinematics of complex-valued time seriesRubin-Delanchy, P; Walden, AT