Designing shotcrete as primary support in tunnels

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Title: Designing shotcrete as primary support in tunnels
Authors: Oraee, B
Tavassoli, M
Oraee, K
Item Type: Conference Paper
Abstract: Since the advent of New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM), shotcrete as primary means of support in tunnels has been widely applied. Its most important features are durability, speed of application and cost effectiveness. This paper introduces a table that provides guidelines for the thickness of shotcrete required in some common situations of mine roadways. In order to devise such table, two different arch sections together with three different overburden types were considered. Geotechnical parameters such as apparent cohesion and angle of internal friction of surrounding rocks were chosen, based on the five category classification of Bieniawski. Two K0 factors (the ratio of horizontal stress to vertical stress) and an average rock density were utilized. Using numerical methods, sixty models were then devised in this way. By applying interaction diagrams of axial force and the bending moment for different thicknesses of shotcrete, appropriate shotcrete thickness for these models were calculated. The results of this research as well as the methodology applied can be used in mining roadway support design and all types of civil engineering tunnels.
Issue Date: 31-Dec-2011
Publisher: International Conference on Ground Control in Mining
Copyright Statement: The ICGCM has granted permission for use of conference papers in Spiral.
Conference Name: 30th International Conference on Ground Control in Mining
Conference Location: Morgantown, West Virginia, U.S.A.
Publication Status: Published
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Start Date: 2011-07-26
Finish Date: 2011-07-28
Conference Place: Morgantown, West Virginia, U.S.A
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