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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-May-2015A robust optimization approach for dynamic traffic signal control with emission considerationsHan, K; Liu, H; Gayah, V; Friesz, TL; Yao, T
25-Sep-2015Elastic demand dynamic network user equilibrium: Formulation, existence and computationHan, K; Friesz, TL; Szeto, WY; Liu, H
7-Jun-2013Dynamic Congestion and Tolls with Mobile Source EmissionFriesz, TL; Han, K; Liu, H; Yao, T
9-Oct-2015Day-to-Day Congestion Pricing and Network ResilienceWang, Y; Liu, H; Han, K; Friesz, TL; Yao, T
24-Apr-2015A bi-level model of dynamic traffic signal control with continuum approximationHan, K; Sun, Y; Liu, H; Friesz, TL; Yao, T
25-Jun-2015Data-driven linear decision rule approach for distributionally robust optimization of on-line signal controlLiu, H; Han, K; Gayah, V; Friesz, TL; Yao, T