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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Ground characterisation for PISA pile testing and analysisZdravkovic, L; Jardine, R; Taborda, DMG; Abadias Gomez, D; Burd, HJ, et al
31-Aug-2016Vertical ground motion and its effects on liquefaction resistance of fully saturated sand depositsTsaparli, V; Kontoe, S; Taborda, D; Potts, DM;
18-Jul-2017Measured short-term subsurface ground displacements from EPBM tunnelling in London ClayWan, MSP; Standing, JR; Potts, DM; Burland, JB; , et al
13-Dec-2017Geotechnical characterisation of the Miocene formations at the location of Ivens shaft, LisbonPedro, A; Zdravkovic, L; Potts, DM; Sousa, JA;
1-Dec-2018A coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical finite element formulation of one-dimensional beam elements for three-dimensional analysisGawecka, KA; Potts, DM; Cui, W; Taborda, DMG; Zdravkovic, L, et al
18-Oct-2016A numerical study of the effect of soil-atmosphere interaction on the stability and serviceability of cut slopes in London clayTsiampousi, A; Zdravkovic, L; Potts, DM; , et al
31-Jan-2017Ultimate capacity of a segmental grey cast iron tunnel lining ring subjected to large deformationsAfshan, S; Yu, JBY; Standing, JR; Vollum, RL; Potts, DM, et al
27-Oct-2016Coupled consolidation in unsaturated soils: From a conceptual model to applications in boundary value problemsTsiampousi, A; Smith, PGC; Potts, DM; , et al
9-Nov-2016Coupled consolidation in unsaturated soils: An alternative approach to deriving the Governing EquationsTsiampousi, A; Smith, PGC; Potts, DM; , et al
8-May-2017Numerical modelling of thermo-active piles in London ClayGawecka, KA; Taborda, DMG; Potts, DM; Cui, W; Zdravkovic, L, et al