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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2011Earthquake Accelerogram Selection and Scaling Procedures for Estimating the Distribution of Drift ResponseBuratti, N; Stafford, PJ; Bommer, JJ
18-Dec-2016On the gradient of the yield plateau in structural carbon steelsSadowski, AJ; Rotter, JM; Stafford, PJ; Reinke, T; Ummenhofer, T, et al
1-Nov-2008Numbers of scaled and matched accelerograms required for inelastic dynamic analysesHancock, J; Bommer, JJ; Stafford, PJ
1-May-2008An evaluation of the applicability of the NGA models to ground-motion prediction in the Euro-Mediterranean regionStafford, PJ; Strasser, FO; Bommer, JJ
1-Jul-2009An energy-based envelope function for the stochastic simulation of earthquake accelerogramsStafford, PJ; Sgobba, S; Marano, GC
1-May-2013Structural behaviour and design criteria of under-deck cable-stayed bridges subjected to seismic actionCamara, A; Ruiz-Teran, AM; Stafford, PJ; Fajfar, P; Chopra, AK, et al
1-Jan-2015Variability and uncertainty in empirical ground-motion prediction for probabilistic hazard and risk analysesStafford, PJ
10-Oct-2017Interfrequency Correlations among Fourier Spectral Ordinates and Implications for Stochastic Ground‐Motion SimulationStafford, PJ
1-Aug-2016Empirical correlation between inelastic and elastic spectral displacement demandsStafford, PJ; Sullivan, TJ; Pennucci, D
1-Jan-2018Addressing limitations in existing ‘simplified’ liquefaction triggering evaluation procedures: application to induced seismicity in the Groningen gas fieldGreen, RA; Bommer, JJ; Rodriguez-Marek, A; Maurer, BW; Stafford, PJ, et al