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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2011Earthquake Accelerogram Selection and Scaling Procedures for Estimating the Distribution of Drift ResponseBuratti, N; Stafford, PJ; Bommer, JJ
1-Nov-2008Numbers of scaled and matched accelerograms required for inelastic dynamic analysesHancock, J; Bommer, JJ; Stafford, PJ
1-May-2008An evaluation of the applicability of the NGA models to ground-motion prediction in the Euro-Mediterranean regionStafford, PJ; Strasser, FO; Bommer, JJ
1-Nov-2012An exploration of incorporating site response into PSHA-part II: Sensitivity of hazard estimates to site response approachesPapaspiliou, M; Kontoe, S; Bommer, JJ
25-Sep-2017A regional site-response model for the Groningen gas fieldRodriguez-Marek, A; Kruiver, PP; Meijers, P; Bommer, JJ; Dost, B, et al
1-May-2018The relationship between M and M<inf>L</inf>: A review and application to induced seismicity in the groningen gas field, the NetherlandsDost, B; Edwards, B; Bommer, JJ
1-Apr-2015A risk-mitigation approach to the management of induced seismicityBommer, JJ; Crowley, H; Pinho, R
-The relationship between M and ML – a review and application to induced seismicity in the Groningen gas field, the NetherlandsBommer, JJ; Dost, B; Edwards, B
17-Jan-2018Developing a model for the prediction of ground motions due to earthquakes in the Groningen gas fieldBommer, JJ; Dost, B; Edwards, B; Kruiver, PP; Ntinalexis, M, et al
Feb-2014Empirical ground-motion models for point- and extended-source crustal earthquake scenarios in Europe and the Middle EastAkkar, S; Sandıkkaya, MA; Bommer, JJ