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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2008The influence of previous stress history and stress path direction on the surface settlement trough induced by tunnellingGrammatikopoulou, A; Zdravkovic, L; Potts, DM
11-Aug-2016Short/medium-term prediction for the aviation emissions in the en route airspace considering the fluctuation in air traffic demandChen, D; Hu, M; Han, K; Zhang, H; Yin, J
8-Jun-2017The turbulent Prandtl number in a pure plume is 3/5Craske, J; Salizzoni, P; Van Reeuwijk, M; EPSRC
24-Feb-2017Airport emissions reductions from reduced thrust takeoff operationsKoudis, GS; Hu, J; Majumdar, A; Jones, R; Stettler, MEJ, et al
10-May-2013Entangled communities and spatial synchronization lead to criticality in urban trafficPetri, G; Expert, P; Jensen, HJ; Polak, JW
1-Jun-2013Estimating the original cement content and water-cement ratio of Portland cement concrete and mortar using backscattered electron microscopyWong, HS; Buenfeld, NR; Matter, K
24-May-2013Electrochemical behaviour of aluminium in electrocoagulation processesMechelhoff, M; Kelsall, GH; Graham, NJD
4-Jul-2016Optimal sensor placement for structural parameter identificationChisari, C; Macorini, L; Amadio, C; Izzuddin, BA
1-Oct-2013Modelling the diffusivity of mortar and concrete using a three-dimensional mesostructure with several aggregate shapesAbyaneh, SD; Wong, HS; Buenfeld, NR
1-Jan-2013A stochastic reconstruction framework for analysis of water resource system vulnerability to climate-induced changes in river flow regimeNazemi, A; Wheater, HS; Chun, KP; Elshorbagy, A