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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2018Analytical solutions for the inelastic lateral‑torsional buckling of I‑beams under pure bending via plate‑beam theoryZhang, W; Gardner, L; Wadee, MA; Zhang, M
1-Dec-2019Experimental assessment and damage modelling of hybrid timber beam-to-steel column connections under cyclic loadsSirumbal-Zapata, LF; Malaga Chuquitaype, C; Elghazouli, A
1-Dec-2018Shear modulus of sand-tyre chip mixturesMashiri, MS; Vinod, JS; Sheikh, MN; Carraro, JAH
30-Jul-2019Happy catastrophe: Recent progress in analysis and exploitation of elastic instabilityChampneys, AR; Dodwell, TJ; Groh, RMJ; Hunt, GW; Neville, RM, et al
Oct-2019Risk-averse supply chain for modular construction projectsHsu, P-Y; Aurisicchio, M; Angeloudis, P
-The entrainment and energetics of turbulent plumes in a confined spaceCraske, J; Davies Wykes, M
1-Dec-2019Experimental investigation and design of extruded aluminium alloy T-stubs connected by swage-locking pinsWang, Z; Wang, Y; Zhang, Y; Gardner, L; Ouyang, Y
15-Oct-2019Regulating the interlayer spacing of graphene oxide membranes and enhancing their stability by use of PAClLiu, T; Tian, L; Graham, N; Yang, B; Yu, W, et al
10-Jan-2020A comparison of entrainment in turbulent line plumes adjacent to and distant from a vertical wallParker, DA; Burridge, HC; Partridge, JL; Linden, PF; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E
26-Oct-2019Impact of climate change and land use on groundwater salinization in southern Bangladesh-implications for other Asian deltas.Islam, MA; Hoque, MA; Ahmed, KM; Butler, AP; The Leverhulme Trust, et al