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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Apr-2013An optimized analytical method for the simultaneous detection of iodoform, iodoacetic acid, and other trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids in drinking waterLiu, X; Wei, X; Zheng, W; Jiang, S; Templeton, MR, et al
8-Jan-2014The relationship between water, sanitation and schistosomiasis: a systematic review and meta-analysisGrimes, JET; Croll, D; Harrison, WE; Utzinger, J; Freeman, MC, et al
14-Feb-2016School water, sanitation, and hygiene, soil-transmitted helminths, and schistosomes: national mapping in EthiopiaGrimes, JET; Tadesse, G; Mekete, K; Wuletaw, Y; Gebretsadik, A, et al
16-Feb-2015The roles of water, sanitation and hygiene in reducing schistosomiasis: a reviewGrimes, JET; Croll, D; Harrison, WE; Utzinger, J; Freeman, MC, et al
1-Jan-2009Chlorine and UV disinfection of ampicillin-resistant and trimethoprim-resistant Escherichia coliTempleton, MR; Oddy, F; Leung, WK; Rogers, M
1-Jan-2009UV dose-response of Acinetobacter baumannii in waterTempleton, MR; Antonakaki, M; Rogers, M
1-Jan-2007Removal of particle-associated bacteriophages by dual-media filtration at different filter cycle stages and impacts on subsequent UV disinfectionTempleton, MR; Andrews, RC; Hofmann, R
12-Jan-2016Low pressure UV/H2O2 treatment for the degradation of the pesticides metaldehyde, clopyralid and mecoprop – kinetics and reaction product formationSemitsoglou-Tsiapou, S; Templeton, MR; Graham, NJD; Hernandez Leal, L; Martijn, BJ, et al
1-Mar-2019Development of porous glass surfaces with recoverable hydrophobicityAuwerter, LCC; Templeton, MR; Van Reeuwijk, M; O. Taiwo, O; Cheeseman, C
1-Dec-2015The development of an onsite sanitation system based on vermifiltration: the 'Tiger Toilet'Furlong, C; Gibson, WT; Templeton, MR; Taillade, M; Kassam, F, et al