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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jun-2017Statistical metamodeling of dynamic network loadingSong, W; Han, K; Wang, Y; Friesz, TL; Del Castillo, E
27-Apr-2016Impact of traffic management on black carbon emissions: a microsimulation studyMascia, M; Hu, J; Han, K; North, R; Van Poppel, M, et al
6-May-2016A novel network approach to study communication activities of air traffic controllersWang, Y; Bu, J; Han, K; Sun, R; Hu, M, et al
28-Jun-2016Multi-class dynamic traffic assignment with physical queues: intersection-movement-based formulation and paradoxJiang, Y; Szeto, WY; Long, J; Han, K
7-Jul-2017Integrated GNSS/DR/road segment information system for variable road user chargingQin, F; Sun, R; Ochieng, WY; Feng, S; Han, K, et al
7-Apr-2018Dynamic traffic assignment: A review of the methodological advances for environmentally sustainable road transportation applicationsWang, Y; Szeto, WY; Han, K; Friesz, TL
9-Oct-2015Day-to-Day Congestion Pricing and Network ResilienceWang, Y; Liu, H; Han, K; Friesz, TL; Yao, T
30-Dec-2016Robust identification of air traffic flow patterns in Metroplex terminal areas under demand uncertaintySidiropoulos, S; Han, K; Majumdar, A; Ochieng, W
24-Apr-2015A bi-level model of dynamic traffic signal control with continuum approximationHan, K; Sun, Y; Liu, H; Friesz, TL; Yao, T
1-Dec-2014Field investigation of vehicle acceleration at the stop line with a dynamic vision sensorHu, J; Mascia, M; Litzenberger, M; North, R; Thiyagarajah, A, et al