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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2013A partial differential equation formulation of Vickrey’s bottleneck model, part II: Numerical analysis and computationHan, K; Friesz, TL; Yao, T
1-Jul-2013Existence of simultaneous route and departure choice dynamic user equilibriumHan, K; Friesz, TL; Yao, T
7-Jun-2013Dynamic Congestion and Tolls with Mobile Source EmissionFriesz, TL; Han, K; Liu, H; Yao, T
18-Dec-2017Lagrangian-based Hydrodynamic Model for Traffic Data Fusion on FreewaysHan, K; Yao, T; Jiang, C; Friesz, TL
14-Dec-2017Continuity of the Effective Delay Operator for Networks Based on the Link Delay ModelHan, K; Friesz, TL
31-Aug-2017Framework for Real-Time Traffic Management with Case StudiesHan, K; 7th EU Framework Programme
30-Jan-2015Second-order models and traffic data from mobile sensorsPiccoli, B; Han, K; Friesz, TL; Yao, T; Tang, J
10-Aug-2016Agent-based day-to-day traffic network model with information percolationShang, W; Han, K; Ochieng, W; Angeloudis, P
5-Oct-2015Robustness Analysis of the European Air Traffic NetworkPien, KC; Han, K; Shang, WL; Majumdar, A; Ochieng, WY, et al
11-Sep-2017Empirical exploration of air traffic and human dynamics in terminal airspacesYang, L; Yin, S; Hu, M; Han, K; Zhang, H