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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-May-2013Sensitivity of site response analysis on the number of ground motion records and implications for PSHAPapaspiliou, M; Kontoe, S
2-Apr-2014Computational study on the modification of a bounding surface plasticity model for sandsTaborda, DM; Zdravkovic, L; Kontoe, S; Potts, DM
15-Jun-2017Steady-state and transient dynamic visco-elastic response of concrete and earth dams due to dam-reservoir interactionPelecanos, L; Kontoe, S; Zdravkovic, L
17-May-2017An energy-based interpretation of sand liquefaction due to vertical ground motionTsaparli, V; Kontoe, S; Taborda, D; Potts, D; Geotechnical Consulting Group, et al
9-May-2018Analytical and numerical investigation of site response due to vertical ground motionHan, BO; Zdravkovic, L; Kontoe, S
26-May-2017Liquefaction modelling of a strong motion station in Christchurch, New ZealandTsaparli, V; Kontoe, S; Taborda, D; Potts, D; Geotechnical Consulting Group
16-Jul-2017Ground motion amplification for canyon topographies with different input motionsSkiada, E; Kontoe, S; Stafford, P; Potts, D; Geotechnical Consulting Group
6-May-2019Seismic response of earthfill and rockfill embankment damsKontoe, S; Han, B; Pelecanos, L; Zdravkovic, L
-Full-scale observations of dynamic and static axial responses of offshore piles driven in chalk and tillsBuckley, R; Jardine, R; Kontoe, S; Barbosa, P; Schroeder, F, et al
15-Apr-2019The effect of irregular seismic loading on the validity of the simplified liquefaction proceduresNorambuena, R; Tsaparli, V; Kontoe, S; Taborda, D; Potts, D