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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Oct-2015Time-step constraints in transient coupled finite element analysisCui, W; Gawecka, KA; Taborda, DMG; Potts, DM; Zdravkovic, L
25-Jun-2014A 3-Dimensional hysteretic soil-water retention curveTsiampousi, A; Zdravkovic, L; Potts, DM; Puzrin, A
16-Dec-2016Derivation of model parameters for numerical analysis of the Ivens shaft excavationPedro, A; Zdravkovic, L; Potts, DM; Almeida e Sousa, J; Geotechnical Consulting Group
28-Nov-2014Stability investigation of the Generalised-α time integration method for dynamic coupled consolidation analysisHan, B; Zdravkovic, L; Kontoe, S
4-Dec-2015Non-linearity of gravelly soils under seismic compressional deformation based on KiK-net downhole array observationsHan, B; Yang, Z; Zdravkovic, L; Kontoe, S
1-Oct-2011On the relative merits of simple and advanced constitutive models in dynamic analysis of tunnelsKontoe, S; Zdravkovic, L; Potts, DM; Menkiti, CO
1-Dec-2008Case study on seismic tunnel responseKontoe, S; Zdravkovic, L; Potts, DM; Menkiti, CO
23-Oct-2015On the assessment of energy dissipated through hysteresis in finite element analysisTaborda, DMG; Potts, DM; Zdravkovic, L
1-Feb-2010Evolution of microstructure in compacted London Clay during wetting and loadingMonroy, R; Zdravkovic, L; Ridley, A
1-Apr-2008The influence of previous stress history and stress path direction on the surface settlement trough induced by tunnellingGrammatikopoulou, A; Zdravkovic, L; Potts, DM