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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2011Comparison of uniform and non-uniform corrosion induced damage in reinforced concrete based on a Gaussian description of the corrosion layerZhao, Y; Karimi, AR; Wong, HS; Hu, B; Buenfeld, NR, et al
1-Jun-2006Monte Carlo simulation of electron-solid interactions in cement-based materialsWong, HS; Buenfeld, NR
1-Oct-2009Determining the water-cement ratio, cement content, water content and degree of hydration of hardened cement paste: Method development and validation on paste samplesWong, HS; Buenfeld, NR
1-May-2006Reply to the discussion by Sidney Diamond of the paper "Patch microstructure in cement-based materials: Fact or artefact?"Wong, HS; Buenfeld, NR
1-Jan-2007Mass transport properties of mature wasteform groutsWong, HS; Buenfeld, NR; Hill, J; Harris, AW
1-Oct-2011Effect of entrained air voids on the microstructure and mass transport properties of concreteWong, HS; Pappas, AM; Zimmerman, RW; Buenfeld, NR
1-Feb-2012Estimating the permeability of cement pastes and mortars using image analysis and effective medium theoryWong, HS; Zimmerman, RW; Buenfeld, NR
1-Jan-2010Influence of aggregate size and volume fraction on shrinkage induced micro-cracking of concrete and mortarGrassl, P; Wong, HS; Buenfeld, NR
1-Jun-2006Euclidean Distance Mapping for computing microstructural gradients at interfaces in composite materialsWong, HS; Buenfeld, NR
1-Oct-2009Influence of the interfacial transition zone and microcracking on the diffusivity, permeability and sorptivity of cement-based materials after dryingWong, HS; Zobel, M; Buenfeld, NR; Zimmerman, RW