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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2016Compressive behaviour and design of prestressed steel elementsGosaye, J; Gardner, L; Wadee, MA; Ellen, ME
1-Dec-2015Non-linear stability of under-deck cable-stayed bridge decksMadrazo Aguirre, F; Wadee, MA; Ruiz-Teran, AM
28-Apr-2012Geometric modelling of kink banding in laminated structuresWadee, MA; Voellmecke, C; Haley, JF; Yiatros, S
15-Nov-2015Dynamic behaviour of steel-concrete composite under-deck cable-stayed bridges under the action of moving loadsMadrazo-Aguirre, F; Ruiz-Teran, AM; Wadee, MA
1-May-2008Post-buckling behaviour of prestressed steel stayed columnsSaito, D; Wadee, MA
8-Jan-2012Cellular buckling from mode interaction in I-beams under uniform bendingWadee, MA; Gardner, L
1-Dec-2015Localized buckling in sandwich struts with inhomogeneous deformation in both face platesYiatros, S; Marangos, O; Wadee, MA; Georgiou, C
1-Dec-2015Imperfection sensitivity of thin-walled I-section struts susceptible to cellular bucklingBai, L; Wadee, MA
7-Nov-2016Postbuckling behaviour of beams with discrete nonlinear restraintsMcCann, F; Wadee, MA; Pearson, J; Gardner, L
7-Nov-2016Local-global mode interaction in box-section struts under axial compressionShen, J; Wadee, MA; Sadowski, AJ